Watkins Cleaning, Inc., headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, was started by our president,George Watkins, Sr, in January, 2012.  

Watkins Cleaning, Inc. was created to provide superior cleaning services for commercial and residential spaces. 

Currently, we service large and small churches; adult and child daycare centers; professional offices; construction sites; residential spaces in need of a cleanout during non-occupancy. 

George Watkins, Sr. has more than twenty five (25) years of commercial cleaning experience.  Each member of our cleaning team undergoes extensive training by George Watkins, Sr. before they are allowed to clean .  Our  training teaches them to give excellent customer and cleaning services to every client.  Our employees are also taught to follow all laws and regulations governing the use of various cleaning methods and the application of cleaning solvents and solutions. 

Watkins Cleaning, Inc. is bonded and insured.